Introducing Tubewash® The region’s first and only sustainable Tunnel Technology Car Wash Service Facility.

Our state-of-the-art service centre combines German technology and eco-friendly cleaning systems to provide the highest standards in car washing and detailing.

With a wide selection of wash-tiers to choose from and payment features that include app-based purchases of pay-as-you-go washes and wash packages, Tubewash allows you to simply drive in and tube through and be out within minutes to get the best sparkle your car has ever seen!

Download the Tubewash app today and be a part of our growing community.

About Us

Yes, it’s true.
Minimal waiting time!

When you arrive at Tubewash, our attendants will instantly direct you on to our non-stop conveyor belt platform that takes you down the tunnel, featuring an automated assembly line of surface-friendly body-wash systems.

Following the exterior wash journey you can drive on to the second tunnel for interior cleaning or simply drive away with payment via the app or card taps at the gate.

We’ve got a great choice of wash options that include one time washes and wash packages. Find out more about our pricing options download the app today!

Looking for ultimate convenience? Download our app and sign up.Here’s how it works!

We’ve got a great choice of wash options and services that include Tunnel washing, Wash Packages , We've got a great choice of tunnel car washing options, interior vacuum & dashboard cleaning. Find out more about our pricing options and sign up today! Find out more about our pricing options and sign up today!

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Download the app and sign up

Step 02
Add your vehicle details

Step 03
Purchase your service

Step 04
Come to Tubewash

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Important! Here’s some things you should know before you get here.

While our facility is designed to service vehicles of all types and models, there are some important things to be mindful of before you drive up.

We do not remove baby seats or kids’ booster seats during the interior cleaning .

Our car wash process is fully automated, ensuring a fast and efficient clean. However, we are not equipped to handle deep cleaning, stain removal, or other services requiring special attention. The adjacent facility can handle those needs. Please inform our staff, and they will be happy to direct you accordingly.

If your vehicle has an automatic antenna, please make sure it is retracted during the wash, fixed antennas will be removed by our staff prior to the wash journey.

If the conveyor stops during the wash process, please remain in the vehicle it will restart automatically.

Please keep doors, windows and sunroof closed during your washing journey.

Environmental Sustainability is key to our service.

Commitment to environmental sustainability and improvement is a core ethos of Tubewash. Tubewash has invested in the world's leading water recycling systems.

Business operations will produce a surplus of 1,000,000 litres of recycled water each month, and make a positive contribution to Dubai's water resources. Tubewash will foster partnerships with Government entities, donating surplus water to Municipality for watering parks and green spaces in Dubai.

1,000,000 litres
of recycled water produced in surplus every month

Surplus water donation
for watering parks and green spaces through government enitites & municipalities

Are you a business looking for an enterprise level car wash arrangement for your fleet? We’ve got you covered!

Our fleet washing services will help streamline your fleet operations, saving you time, and letting you get on with growing your business.

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T&Cs Apply

Questions? We’ve got the answers!

We can wash vehicles with a width up to 2.1 meter and height up to 2.3 meter.

Our wash tunnel can accommodate a vehicle every 80 seconds, the exterior and interior wash journey is approximately 10 to 12 minutes.

We accept cash, card and in app payment.

We do not provide refund on wash packages or one-time washes

Word on the street!

Wonderful experience, we used it a couple of times. It’s so convenient and easy to handle. It’s much better than ours in Germany. I love the service and the result. Thank you!

Abid Rajpoot
One the best places where you get satisfied when it comes to car wash detailing, polishing and tints. Special thanks to Mr Anees thank you for always being there for good advice.

Detail, polish, Tint & Shine. It’s the stand out place for all car cleaning requirement. Outstanding service, Customer friendly, Amazing waiting area.. Must visit for car wash.. its affordable tooo...

Krisha Ragoowanshi
One of the best car wash services I’ve come across in Dubai. Very convenient and not expensive. Highly recommended. Well trained, professional staff and quickest way to get your car cleaned! Getting car washed while standing in the waiting room - car wash will be done in 10 mins.

Ruenn Kong Kwan
The best and smoothest automatic car wash! Amazing service crew! Packages are really affordable! Purchasing through the app is recommended so you don't create a huge line and delay drivers who are already registered.