Car Wash

Tubewash is the region’s first Tunnel Car Wash system equipped with sustainable state-of-the-art German technology, making it a one-stop destination for a faster, cleaner and eco-friendly alternative for daily car washing.

Most manual car wash services use abrasive or harsh chemicals with excessive scrubbing that can damage your cars paint job. Other automatic car washes risk the chances of water spots being caused with inefficient cleaning and drying process plus poor brushes and bristles in the wash bay can cause scratches on your vehicle’s paint and damage its clear coat.

At Tubewash we use surface-conscious cloth material in our wash-wrap rotors that do not scratch or mark the surface of your car or dull your clear coat finish - making it is safer than hand washing. Our facility on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai processes your car through a combination of high tech computer controlled wash equipment & systems. You will ride through our 45 metre express tunnel wash within a 6-minute time frame.

With a wide selection of wash-tiers to choose from and payment features that include limitless-wash app-based subscriptions to pay-as-you-go card taps, Tubewash allows you to simply drive in and tube through with no waiting and be out within minutes to get the best sparkle your car has ever seen!

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exterior wash

Exterior Wash

exterior wash

Wash & Vac

exterior wash

Diamond Wash

Everything your car needs!
One time AED 35
10 - Wash Bundle AED 315
15 - Wash Bundle AED 445
One time AED 45
10 - Wash Bundle AED 405
15 - Wash Bundle AED 575
One time AED 55
10 - Wash Bundle AED 495
15 - Wash Bundle AED 700
Pre-wash Foam
High Pressure Wash
Rim & Wheel Wash
3D Air Drying
Manual Exterior Drying & Buffing
Tire Shine on request
Interior Vacuum & Dashboard Cleaning

No Vacuum

Fragrance & Tire Shine on request
Sideskirt Cleaning
Underbody Wash
Ultrashine Nanowax

Watch how sparkling perfection rolls from one ramp to the next!

Tubewash is techno-magic in motion. Drive in, sit back, relax and let our conveyor system guide you through your Tubewash experience.

Watch the video to see how it works