Pricing & Packages

Our car wash options are surprisingly affordable and cover everything you need.

Tubewash is your ultimate destination for all-around vehicle pampering. Enjoy the flexibility to visit us between 6:45 AM - 10:45 PM, selecting from three tailored wash options to fit both your needs and schedule. Plus, our bundled packages offer significant savings on multiple wash sessions, making top-tier car care more accessible than ever.

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exterior wash

Exterior Wash

exterior wash

Wash & Vac

exterior wash

Diamond Wash

Everything your car needs!
One time AED 35
10 - Wash Bundle AED 315
15 - Wash Bundle AED 445
One time AED 45
10 - Wash Bundle AED 405
15 - Wash Bundle AED 575
One time AED 55
10 - Wash Bundle AED 495
15 - Wash Bundle AED 700
Pre-wash Foam
High Pressure Wash
Rim & Wheel Wash
3D Air Drying
Manual Exterior Drying & Buffing
Tire Shine on request
Interior Vacuum & Dashboard Cleaning

No Vacuum

Fragrance & Tire Shine on request
Sideskirt Cleaning
Underbody Wash
Ultrashine Nanowax
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